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About Jeff Madeen

Hi - Jeff Madeen here,

Creative thinkers, wander beyond the boundaries of the mainstream and test conventional assumptions. This has always been my motivating touchstone - using materials and creating spaces in truly innovative and unorthodox ways, but keeping them germane to human needs and aspirations. No two spaces or clients are the same.

Words that come to mind when asked... "how I want people to feel inside my spaces..." are - Engaged, interested, inspired and alive!

Intrinsic to my design philosophy is the concept of dichotomy; the celebration of dualistic concepts such as rough/smooth, natural/machined, hard/soft and new/old, to give a few examples. Within this construct, the design may look simple, but might actually be involved and complex. My designs typically exhibit the qualities of large-scale sculpture that we can move within and that engage us emotionally and intellectually.

I developed my aesthetic while attending the Art Institute of Chicago (emphasis: sculpture, painting and photography). At an area VA hospital, I guided patients in the fabrication and installation of five monumental sculptures that I designed. Shortly thereafter I started a cabinet, millwork and furniture design business, and was exposed to all manner of new materials and processes, as well as designers and architects who were carrying on the tradition of the city of great architecture and world-class design. The millwork business and my concomitant design 'apprenticeship' lasted for ten years, before I designed and managed a 5,000 sf high end kitchen showroom in the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

I enjoy finding new applications for commonly used materials - taking them out of their usual or intended context and placing them in another. I want people to see and feel a space, as it reveals itself, as they move in and around it, and place high importance on exposing the inherent sensuality of the forms, textures, and processes used in the construction.

Most importantly, I consider light, whether natural or artificial is an essential element in any good design. When it's natural, it's ever-changing. The use of the right fixtures prevents eye strain, enhances mood, creates drama and provides coolness or warmth as we desire.

30 years of experience, over 500 kitchen designs and half as many baths, numerous original furniture, light fixture and lighting designs, three residences and two commercial buildings comprise my resume to date - and the next project is the one that will be better than the last.

Let's collaborate.

Intrigue By Design!