By Design Architectural Design

By Design Architecture Process

Consider the Value of Good Design.

Good design seamlessly combines form and function.

We have the experience and resources to advise and guide you in your vision, and ensure that the finished design reflects your personality and lifestyle needs.

Our three-phase design process assures that the planning and design proceeds in a logical order.

Conceptual (Schematic) Design Phase:

We provide several layouts;

Discuss the pros and cons of each layout;

Focus on orientation, circulation and locations of major elements, such as appliances, ventilation, sinks, and other specific needs.

Second Phase - Design Development:

We develop the best solution in greater detail, and include Floor Plans and Elevations.

Third Phase - Final Design:

Covers all dimensions, cabinet style, color, hardware, lighting, plumbing, appliances, countertops and any other specifications and details necessary to complete the design. These final drawings and schedules are provided to all parties instrumental in completing the project.

Intrigue By Design!